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Waterskiing and wakeboarding

Many people think these sports are out of their reach or are impossible to learn. We have good news for them: after a few minutes of theoretical training you can expect instant success! This is achieved by a special structure installed on the boat. Hanging onto this structure, you will enjoy instant success and can proudly tell your friends that you have successfully sped across the surface of the water.

Ski Nautique 197

Our Waterworld Park accommodates Hungary’s number one boat-pulled waterskiing centre, which is suitable for national and international competitions. Our special Ski Nautique 197 waterskiing boats are each equipped with a 330 HP engine, enabling them to pull two or even three skiers at the same time.


Beginners do it on two skis, but advanced skiers use only one ski, for which we provide you with all the necessary equipment. At the advanced level, traditional waterskiing consists of three elements: slalom, trick and jump.


Wakeboarding started in the 80s with an undersized surfboard, and today it is an independent sport and one of the most spectacular extreme sports.