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Private programmes

Birthday party

Don't have time to organise your birthday party? We’ll do it for you! In our Beach bar we will organise all aspects of your birthday dinner or barbeque party and then you can party into the night. We will of course fulfil your every wish; you only have to give us your basic conception and we will provide you with several scenarios to make sure your guests have great fun.

Wine tasting

JADE-beach bar and restaurant is a great venue for a wine-tasting event. You only have to choose the wine region, and we’ll do the rest.

Children’s day

Your child has important anniversaries, birthdays, name days and farewell parties. We provide the venue and activities to suit your needs, or we can give you advice about how to provide a fun time for all. Such events can be spiced up with a bouncy castle, face painting, rock climbing, animators or different games suited to the age of the kids.

Bachelor party

It is a special moment in a man’s life when he marries the woman of his dreams.

This important event is generally preceded by a bachelor party. We offer you surprise programmes; just ask for our ideas and advice, or simply tell us your needs and we will live up to your expectations.