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Dragonboats are special, traditional ships of 12.5 meters decorated with a dragon head at the prow and a dragon’s tail at the stern.

It is extraordinarily suitable for teambuilding and creating community spirit. It doesn’t require any previous knowledge (besides swimming skills), so anyone who has enough power, energy and openness for new things, likes water, nature and competition can take part in our dragonboat programmes.

Only 10-15 minutes’ practice, and you are off to a spectacular and exciting water contest, even between beginner crews. Women and men of any age can pull together in the same boat for victory.

In our dragonboat events and races 16-20 rowers sit on two sides, facing forward and pull the boat with single oar, following the rhythm given by a drummer and led by an experienced navigator. The drummer is seated in the front, facing backwards, while the navigator is stands in the back, orienting the boat with a fixed rudder and co-ordinating the work of the rowers.

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