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Creative games and more

Karaoke night

A professionally organized karaoke night can be of an all-day program, or a great part of a birthday party. Everyone is guaranteed to have a fine time, and anyone can try it out, let out their inner star, and belt out their favourite hits.

Barbeque water party

There’s not better feeling than when you can watch the sun go down from the terrace of the Beach Bar and smell the delicious aroma of a fine barbequed meal on the grill. All of this while listening to pleasant music and sipping a first-class cocktail. Out team of professionals will conjure all of this up for you.

Stage productions

Would you like a little live music? Or a little stand-up comedy? We will realize your needs and your concept. At your request, we will bring out your favourite band, musical artist, or any other sort of stage production.

Fishing contest

Our lake is great for fishing competitions, which is great fun for young and old alike. Naturally we will provide all the necessary equipment.

Party and garden games

For kids, teen, and grownups, an array of amusing garden games and brain games can be arranged.

Life-sized foosball

Another great element in our repertoire is life-sized foosball. This special experience is a giant inflatable toy shaped just like a table football game, in which the figures are live people, and players may only move in their designated lanes. Best used for organized events with the appropriate number of participants.

Rodeo bull

This form of entertainment is getting more and more popular here in Hungary, and so it can be found here at Waterworld, as well. During teambuilding it can be great fun of participants and audience alike.


This is an ancient French pastime. Pétanque is played by two, four or six people in two teams, or players can compete as individuals in casual play. In the singles and doubles games each player has three boules; in triples they have only two.


Ancient Hungarian ball game. Teams of 1 or 2 can compete.